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About us

KM-Design is a revolutionary brand combining modern look, professional workmanship and a touch of sea and ocean. At the same time, however, it follows the traditional procedure of the bag trade.

This modern brand began in 2012, when I, the founder of the brand, became interested in art and artistic blacksmithing. I made knives for friends and family, knives for love and joy. But my knives didn’t have shells, so I started looking for information on how traditional shells were made before. A little success with the production of knife cases got me behind the scenes of a few Czech bags, where I could look under the hands of the leather masters, learn something and take a lot of experience. I incorporated new knowledge in my own work, improved some of the procedures and slowly created the brand KM. I invented the sailboat logo on my knives because I grew up on the boat. Ships are my life and now I want to give them my KM.

My love for traditional crafts slowly moved to the side of my skin and I began to think that I would do more to carry on. It could be 2015 who knows. I started to work in bag making, I wanted to learn more and improve my skills. You know, making a traditional craft is not that simple. There are many tutorials on the Internet, but few work. The best way is to learn from an old master who has whipped up to perfection with his lifetime experience and then passes on that experience to his apprentice. Unfortunately, it is hardly working today. But I wanted to. I wanted to be in production personally and have first-hand information to make sure I was going to do it right and that someday I’d become a skin master.

It is clear that one learns throughout life. We gain experience, improve ourselves. Every obstacle forces us to give up, or to develop even more. After school, I decided I didn’t want to be an apprentice anymore. I wanted to set up a brand, focus on quality and let people understand that although expensive, but incomparably superior and durable traditional craftsmanship is far superior to all kinds of plastic and paper leather substitutes that bring just sadness when they fall apart and head to the trash . Moreover, the production of these products is much more burdensome for the environment, the working conditions of workers in factories are far from ideal, and recycling is almost impossible… These aspects are also very important to me.

At the beginning of 2018, I began to devote myself to developing KM-Design. With student capital that wasn’t really high, we slowly equipped the workshop, bought the material, and worked the techniques to get quality results. Our aim is to have products both aesthetically pleasing and as durable as possible, so our work is made of high-quality leather and fittings are brass or stainless steel, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of KM-Design products.

Around Christmas 2018 until now the world has gone crazy. There were orders for piles of belts, collars and anemones (our cute wallets). The joy was indescribable, and it was proof that our work made sense. We had to strengthen and we went from a borrowed workshop to our own, which is on the outskirts of Prague, where we are very happy. Currently, we create every day to have something to show on the design of the market. We are looking forward to seeing you and we believe that thanks to Dyzajn market we will move a little further.

My name is Christopher, accompanied by my faithful dog Bastien, I am Captain of Gandalf and founder of KM-Design.


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